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In 2013 - (early 2015) the artist lived on a property on Waiotahe Beach just off state highway 2 near Opotiki, Te Mete said "it was a healing time for me, it was where I got back to being artist and forgot about the corporate world I had been apart of for so long, I had a Double Garage that was all I needed... it was basic but it was magical, I used it as a studio and I would open the door, and native birds would roam freely around the property, some were cheeky enough to come into the Garage... The Weka was a frequent visitor... one day I saw three of them all different sizes scurrying around to find grubs in the farm. They looked cute, I through out some bread to feed them. they had a friendliness about them as they picked the bread up and chomped on the bread, This was there home I thought... in the distance was the ocean, a breath taking view... the sky and the ocean blue. I was lucky to have those 2 years painting in that garage on a property and source so much inspiration from my everyday life"

This painting is a new direction of Te Mete's Artwork where he has incorporated a design element into his popular realism style, and this piece marks a new movement in the Artist's work, which incorporates a koru pattern in the shape of heart in the background... a sentiment of the Artists Māori heritage and his affinity with the land and the Weka, which is painted in a vibrant blue... transparently applied to give depth of the maori motif in the background... a clever and articulate piece that gives respect to the artists environment and the soothing tone of blue that's choice was decided because of the brightness of the sky and ocean on the day that Te Mete remembers.

Limited edition archival canvas prints are available.

Archival prints are stretched on a wooden frame.


Size: 720mm x 720mm approx.


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The Roaming Weka