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The 2500 + Year Old Totara Tree

April 16, 2015


If we are lucky we are reminded of how little we know in this world, and how un-important our egos are as human beings. In the very short lives we are given, some shorter than others. One of the most important things we have to do is listen to ourselves and follow what our gutt tells us. It's not something we get taught in school, and for most of us it's not something our parents instilled in us... often thats the part in life that gets neglected and what we have to figure it out for ourselves. 


One of the the secrets to life is finding you're own answers from within yourself, your own truth, your own gutt of what is important... the next is going on and making what is important to you and giving it life and importance in the world.




I remember my teachers would write in my report cards at school many years ago, that I was a day dreamer...Thus nothing has changed... I dream a lot, I visualise things and imagine the world I live in to be different, and often a lot cooler than it actualy is.


Behind every imaging is a thought, a feeling, a want, a desire... often all thoes things remain fictatious. The hardest part is trying to give life to them and making them happen. Everything become's a lot clearer if you are able to make space in your day, and in your mind to make what is important to you happen.


 A couple weeks ago I was on holiday in the Coromandel and my partner and I went for a bush walk and came across a Totara Tree that had 2500 years of life in it, and it stood healthy and strong overlooking a valley of native bush in the middle of a forest.


It made all the noise in my mind stop, all the "busy-ness" I pressed two hands against the gigantic trunk... I realised some things in life don't need to be explained... they need to be experienced.

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