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Finding Inspiration

August 20, 2015


Over the last couple months I’ve been running around like a headless chicken, traveling around New Zealand doing promotion, media and art exhibitions, I also got the opportunity to meet some amazing people from different parts of the globe, not to mention judging the Fibre and Fleece fashion festival.

In all honesty it has been a big whirl wind and I’ve loved every moment of it, lots has happened, but sometimes you need to take time out to rejuvenate your spirit and get back to the simple things….


The things that enrich your day to day life… and recently I’m happy to say I’ve done exactly that.

For me it’s about waking up, looking out at my view of the Raukumara Mountain ranges, making breakfast, going for a walk and spending time at home in my studio whilst hanging out with the latest addition to our family, “Captain Planet”  he’s a Maltese cross Shih Tzu – he’s been a welcome breath of fresh air, although at times rather difficult and challenging as he’s a puppy… But he is worth it.


We’ve also been doing home renovations and re decorating our new home which has been a lot of fun to do with my partner during the weekends, I was excited to purchase a new lounge suite the other week for our second lounge room, it felt fancy ordering the shape, fabrics and style of the suite, we made a decision that we were only going to have the things in our home that we want, the things that inspire us. It’s a weird concept for me because I’ve always lived in homes that I styled to look good and that people loved when visiting, not to necessarily style to exemplify what we liked… and who we are, it’s an interesting process…


Today I walked into the home of a cabinet maker who was showing me his kitchen, as we are considering doing our kitchen up, I had never met him on a personal basis before, and when I looked at a wall in his lounge, I saw one of my artworks.  It was a weird feeling… I looked at it and I was completely stunned, he saw me looking at it, and he told me about the painting and how much he and his wife loved it, he also told me about the artist who did it… he had no idea the artist was standing right next to him. I let him speak… he told me that they had been living in there house for over 10 years and they never bought any art before, because nothing spoke to them until they saw this piece, he said it inspires him and his wife.


I told him that I was the artist… his face looked confused and puzzled… he didn’t really believe me at first, and then he lit up and he hugged me, I hugged him back.


Special moments in life happen, connection, purpose, coincidence… sometimes those moments are inspiring, and to be honest seeing that artwork in his home made me feel inspired, I believe those are the moments we should fill our lives, and even our home's with.

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Finding Inspiration

August 20, 2015

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