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The #LOVEIS movement is created by Artist Te Mete Smith, who collaborated with people from all different walks of life from 86 countries. The intention is to find the truth  in what love is and what it means to us in a swipe left generation.


The answers come from the mouths of our own humanity. Two questions were asked; What is love? and what does love mean? The results are beyond exciting.

This research continues as the Artist shares this full bodied, articulate blog, inspired by science, nature, human behaviour and hope, the goal is for each one of us to reach for a higher sense of value and purpose even if we think our own personal situation does not command it.

"Love transcends agenda, it speaks to social conformity, and rises above expectations, anticipating the needs of its guests. That's why it is so significant to leave it better than the way you found it, and create the best potential we can possibly seek"​ - Te'Mete Smith


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